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Feb 15, 2013

This is our very first podcast! It's the birth of what will soon prove to be one of the most informative, valuable and important business shows on the internet. SuccessCast is dedicated to helping business people at all levels move their needle from success to sustainable success, by having discussions with some of the brightest, most successful people in business.

And I couldn't think of a better way to kick off the new programming than to talk with one of the smartest and most successful business people I know. His name is Dennis Mehiel. Dennis has been in and around the packaging business for most of his adult life and even a bit before that. In fact, he and his family have been manufacturing paper goods for both industrial and consumer use for nearly fifty years. Most recently, Dennis was the CEO of US Corrugated, Inc., a $600 million corrugated packaging business, which employed 1800 people and operated 25 factories in 15 states.

Dennis is currently the CEO of US Display Group, a manufacturer and marketer of temporary point of purchase merchandising displays for the retail environment, and he also provides strategic consulting services to a select number of startups and small businesses.

Dennis will share his secrets and processes for: Great Leadership Skills; Employee Happiness; Vendor Relationships; Total Team Loyalty; Selling Strategies; Shareholder, Customer and Employee Synchronization; Shared Values; and The Importance of Philanthropy.